How can I add contacts to my Saleshandy account?

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  1. Access your Saleshandy account.
  2. Navigate to the Prospects tab and click Add Prospects button top right corner. 
  3. After you click on Add Prospect button, you will get two options:
    1. Import via CSV
    2. Add Manually
  4. If you wish to upload multiple contacts at once, we suggest you have all contacts in a CSV-type file and upload it by clicking the first option as shown below.
  5. When you upload the contacts via CSV file, the system asks you to validate the list using our email verification feature. If your list consists of many invalid/risky contacts, we strongly suggest you use the email verification service to remove such contacts. This will help you reduce bounced emails. However, using email verification is optional so If you do not wish to use the email verification service, kindly click the  Skip button when the system asks for verification. 

  6. If you wish to add contacts manually by entering the contact details, please choose to Add Manually option after clicking Add Prospects button as shown below. 

NOTE: While there is no limit on the number of contacts you add to a sequence, currently, you can import up to 5000 contacts per CSV file at once. 

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