What is the daily sending limit?

The email sending limit is the maximum number of emails you can send within a particular time period. It depends on the plan provided by your ESP (Email Service Provider).

All ESPs provide a sending quota as per their plans and policies. The sending quota may be set daily, hourly, and even at a per-minute rate. If your ESP finds that you're sending too many emails at once, that exceed the sending limit provided by it, it will mark your Email as Flag and restrict your account to send any more emails, and emails may get blocked/bounced.

SalesHandy uses your email provider's servers to send the emails through sequences, and therefore, the daily sending limit provided by your email provider determines how many emails can be sent through SalesHandy per day. Hence, it's suggested that you send the emails as per the sending limit provided by your email provider. If you're unsure about how many emails can be sent using your email account, you can confirm it by contacting your email service provider. 

SalesHandy doesn't cap the number of emails you can send through sequence per day, but you can set a daily number of emails that SalesHandy will send per day. As soon as your SalesHandy account exceeds that number, the remaining emails are moved to the queued status, and the system starts sending the remaining emails the following day automatically. 

The system will also give a warning message if you try to set a limit above normal for particular ESPs. The system will ask you to join another account for exceeding sending limit.

By default, your SalesHandy account will have 200 as a daily sending quota, but this can be changed by following the below steps:

  1. Access your Saleshandy account.
  2. Navigate to the 'Settings' page and then the 'Email Accounts' tab.
  3. Click the Edit button under 'Action' and enter the number next to 'Daily Sending Limit.'
  4. SalesHandy will send the emails as per the sending limit set here. This quota is refreshed each day (For example, If you set 250 as a daily sending quota, SalesHandy will send 250 emails within a day even if your sequences are scheduled to send more than 250 emails in a day. The remaining emails will be moved to the waiting status, and Saleshandy will send another 250 emails the following day as soon as the daily quota is reset).

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