Email Sending Schedule

Overview of Schedules:

Schedule specific weekdays and time frames to let Saleshandy know when to send your sequence emails to always reach out on time.

Schedules are a series of time blocks set up on various calendar days of the week that reflect the time frames when emails should be delivered from a sequence.

Sequence schedules ensure that emails are being sent during reasonable times and days when recipients are most likely available.

How to set up Schedules?

  1. Open saleshandy account
  2. Go to, Settings > Schedules tab
  3. One schedule is already available by default. You can edit that or else add a new one
  4. Click 'Add new schedule' button available on the upper right corner
  5. Adding a new schedule will open up an accordion where you can set the day and time
    Note: You can add multiple time slots for a single weekday. You can add a maximum of 3 slots/day
  6. Click the Save button to save your schedules.

Please refer to below-attached GIF file for steps: 

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