What is the sending pattern of Saleshandy?

This article explains how your emails are sent from your sequences. We have covered the most common queries related to how emails are sent.

Q: How would the time interval between emails works?

Ans: Currently, we use a fixed interval time between two emails sent in the sequence, which would be 60 to 190 seconds. This means the system will take any random value between 60 and 190 seconds as an interval between two emails sent in the sequence. 

Q: When will the system process contacts that are directly imported to follow-up steps?

Ans: When you import a prospect to a follow-up step, the system sends the emails to those prospects as per the interval you define for that particular step. 

Example: There are four steps in the sequence with two days of gap between each step. Hence step 1, 2, 3, & 4 will run on day 1, 3, 5, & 7 respectively. If the user imports contacts directly to step 3, those contacts will be processed after four days (on day 5) from importing.

Q: Which step will send the emails first when there are prospects in multiple steps in a sequence?

Ans:  Later steps will get higher priority/weightage than previous steps. 

Priority of steps: 1 < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5.

Weightage: x < 2x < 3x < 4x < 5x.

Example: You have an active sequence with five steps, and all of them have 20 prospects each. The system will start sending emails from step 5, in which five emails will be sent. After that, the system will send 4 emails in step 4. The loop continues till all the emails are sent in each step.

Q: Which sequence gets priority when there are multiple active sequences?

Ans: Recently created sequences get higher priority than previous sequences. When multiple active sequences are there to send the emails on a given day, the system will send the first email from the sequence that was created last. After that, one email will be sent from the sequence that was created before the last sequence and the loop continues. 

NOTE: Saleshandy sends your emails using the servers of your email account, so if your email service provider doesn't allow you to send more than a certain number of emails, you won't be able to send more than the given quota regardless of what quota you have set as daily sending limit for that email account.
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