How does A/B testing work?

When you have A and B variants in a sequence and import a list of prospects to that sequence, the system splits the contacts in sequence as evenly as possible, with each variant going out to approximately 50% of the uploaded batch of prospects.

Example: You imported a list of 200 contacts in step 1, with variants A and B. The system will automatically send variant A to 100 and variant B to the remaining 100. Each imported batch is randomized separately.

The system selects contacts that receive different variations at random. Contacts who received email A in Step 1 may not necessarily receive email A in Step 2.

If you upload the batch with the total count in an odd number, more prospects will get variant B than variant A in the step. For example, if you upload seven prospects, four will get variant B while three will get variant A. 

The system will show you the analytics of each variant inside the steps tab of each sequence to evaluate the performance of each variant. 

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