How does A - Z testing work?

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What is A - Z testing?

A/B testing is now upgraded to A/Z testing!

Boost up your email testing and add multiple variants of the email content by using the A to Z testing feature inside the sequence. A to Z testing will allow you to add 26 variants of email copies inside a step of the sequence 🤩

When you have A and Z variants in a sequence and import a list of prospects to that sequence, the system splits the contacts in sequence as evenly as possible! 

Example: If you have 10 prospects added inside the sequence and you have 10 different variants added for one particular step, each prospect will be receiving a different variant of the email by dividing the prospects equally between each variant. 

Note: The system selects contacts that receive different variations at random. Contacts who received email A in Step 1 may not necessarily receive email A in Step 2.

How to use the A - Z testing feature in a sequence?

A to Z testing will be available for each step you create inside your sequence. To add different variants of your email content please follow the below steps:

1. Go inside the sequence and click on " + Add variants" for the step you want to add the variant. You can add the email variant to any step of your sequence.

2. To make sure that your email content is in the same thread, make sure you don't add the subject line to your follow-up email variants. Keep the subject line blank of the A - Z variants added in Step 2 and onwards to make sure your follow-up email goes in the same thread as your first email.

3. You can always enable or disable a variant if required.

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