What are the tags and how to use them?

The Tags are the labels or keywords used to mark the prospects in your Saleshandy account that add a piece of information about them. Tagging the prospects helps in identifying and classifying them as per the requirement. Prospects can be tagged on various bases, such as:

  • Based on the priority - Most valuable or least valuable
  • Based on their source - Downloaded from the web or bought from a third party.
  • Based on the target audience - location-wise, age-wise, gender-wise, interest-wise, etc.

And there could be many more categories as per your requirement.

When you tag prospects, it makes it easy to categorize and filter them accordingly. You can navigate directly to the 'Prospects' tab or the 'Prospects' tab inside the 'Sequences' tab, click on the Filter icon, and search for the prospects according to their tags, as per the following video:

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