How does the options update missing fields, overwrite and skip existing prospects work after importing a CSV file of prospects?

When you choose and upload a CSV file of prospects from the 'Prospects' option under the 'Sequences' tab Or directly from the 'Prospects' tab, you get three options, as mentioned below:

  • Update Missing Fields
  • Overwrite
  • Skip Existing Prospects

Once you upload a CSV file of prospects in a sequence and activate a sequence, it will start sending emails accordingly. Later, if you want to upload a similar CSV file, consisting of all the previous prospects or some additional prospects, with varied or updated details such as email, phone, address, website, etc, then, you can use these three options, as per the need, and uploaded prospects will reflect the values according to the selected option. 

Below is the use case for each option:

1. Update Missing Fields: It will update/fill up the missing fields (the blank fields/spaces) in the previously uploaded CSV file of prospects, and then, the emails will be sent to the prospects according to the newly updated details.

2. Overwrite: This option will overwrite/replace the old values/entries of the previously uploaded CSV file with the new values/details, and so, your sequence will send the emails to the prospects as per the new details.

3. Skip Existing Prospects: This option will not change the details for the previously uploaded prospects that already exist but only add the additional number of prospects to that sequence. The previously uploaded prospects remain the same.

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