What reports are available in Saleshandy?

Saleshandy allows you to export data from your sequences to analyze the performance and make better decisions to improve further with your outreach.

You can download the overall sequence report and the prospects' data.

  • Prospects Report

Login to your Saleshandy account, navigate directly to the ' Prospects' tab below the 'Sequences' tab, as shown in the below image, and click on the 'Export' button. The report will provide you with a list of all the prospects available in the Prospects tab and the sequence details in which these prospects were added.

  • Sequences Report

You can download the reports from a sequence in two ways:

1. From the ' Prospects' tab under the 'Sequences' tab - Navigate to the main 'Sequences' tab, and go to the 'Prospects' page. Then, click on the 'Export' option, as shown in the below screenshot. This report will show you the email engagement activities for all the prospects in that particular sequence.

2. From the ' Emails' tab under the 'Sequences' tab - Navigate to the 'Sequences' tab, and click on the 'Emails' option, as shown in the following image. Then, click on the 'Export' button to download a broader picture of your email engagement activities.

  • Reports tab 

    From the 'Reports' tab, you can export the overall report, weekly, monthly, or customized, as per the requirement. Kindly refer to the screenshot below to download the comprehensive report.

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