How to check what my email provider is?

Your email provider delivers your emails through their servers. Saleshandy lets you send your emails using the servers of your email provider and therefore you need to know what your email provider is along with details like daily sending limit, SMTP setting, etc, 

If you don't know your email provider, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to know the email provider. 

  • Open this link on your browser and enter your domain name in the domain field shown. 
  • Click the MX Lookup button and see MX records associated with that domain under Hostname as shown below
  • MX records belong to the respective email provider and MX record remains unique for each email provider.
    • For example, if it shows under Hostnames, it's a Gmail account & if it shows under Hostname, it's a Microsoft email. 
    • In case of some email providers, the MXtool box will explicitly display email service provider names like Microsoft Office & Google Apps
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