How to set a DMARC record for an email account?

It is important for us to set our SPF, DKIM, and DMARC record to get rid of getting into the spam box and increase email deliverability.

Click here to know how to set up an SPF Record.

Click here to know how to set up a DKIM Record.

Follow the steps below to set up a DMARC Record:

  1. Click here to open dmarc guide.
  2. Enter the domain name and click Submit.
  3. Now you can check if this domain has a valid SPF and DMARC or not.
  4. If your DMARC is having a red cross mark beside it, then click on it and hit the Next button.
  5. On the next page read about the DMARC protocol and click Next.
  6. Choose None from the drop-down list and hit Next.
  7. Enter the Email addresses where you want your DMARC reports and click Next (Optional).
  8. Enter the Email Addresses to receive Forensic reports and click Next (Optional).
  9. Choose None in DMARC policy for the subdomain and click Next.
  10. Let the additional settings be as it is by default and click Finish.

Now we get a DMARC TXT Record, from where we can get the TXT Record data:

  1. Copy the first part as shown in the image below and paste it into the name/host field of the DNS manager of your domain.
  2. Copy the second part as shown in the image below and paste it into the TXT value of the DNS manager of your domain.


  • Your DMARC record name should shart from underscore( _ ) and end with a dot(.).
  • Your TXT value should be the same as the semicolons' value (" ").

If you need live assistance in setting up the DMARC, please schedule a call with our email deliverability expert.

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