Manage Agency clients (view only mode)

How to add someone to the “view only” mode?

  • Log in to the client for which you want to add "view-only client".
  • You need to go to “settings>team” from the web app.
  • Then click on “add member” from the pop-up.
  • A new row with the name will be added to the “team” section by giving the correct name and email address. 
  • The email will be sent to the one who added the member. (Email will be sent to the user who is logged into the client's account)
  • The email will contain the password and URL.
  • That password and the email account you have added should be manually shared with “ agency-client” so that they can log in with the given URL.

What we suggest: Instead of taking the personal email account of some representative of a client, make a separate account for them and make them use it. 

Who can add someone to the “view only” mode?

  • Anyone whose role is a team leader and above (agency admins, agency owner) can add someone to the “view only” mode. 

How to manage someone in “view only "mode?

  • One can disable the client from “settings>team” and after disabling it, the Agency client cannot log in to the partner portal.

Can I add the same account to multiple clients’ “view only” mode?

  • No. the system will not allow you to do that. First, you need to delete the person from one account, Only after that new password will be generated. 
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