Refund policy

Saleshandy is a SaaS-based app (Software as a Service with prepaid subscription), we offer a 10-day refund guarantee for all the new customers.

Refund policy for new subscriptions:

  • New customers with a fresh subscription can claim a complete refund within 10-days of payment.
  • Transaction charges will be non-refundable.

NOTE: When you subscribe to any of the paid subscriptions, your subscription will auto-renew with each billing cycle. If you do not wish to renew your subscription, make sure you cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

Refund policy for subscription renewals:

  • We don't offer any refund if a user gets charged for auto-renewal of the subscription. Our system will send an email reminder two days before the auto-renewal date for your convenience. However, the email is sent automatically from our payment gateway, and we can't guarantee the successful delivery of the reminder emails.
  • If the customer wants to unsubscribe in between the tenure of the subscription, we won’t be able to provide refunds for the unused remainder of their term when they cancel their account.
  • Vague reasons like "The app is not up to the mark", or "It is not as productive as I thought it would be" cannot be considered a valid reason for providing refunds.
  • If you have any additional email account seats in your subscription, you need to get them removed by contacting the support team. Removing an email account from your Saleshandy account doesn't exclude the additional seat from your subscription so please make sure you get all the additional unused seats removed from your subscription before renewal. We won't be able to offer a refund against unused email seats in your subscription. We will be able to add equivalent credits to your account for the same though.
  • If the account admin deletes a user account from the team, the subscription will automatically downgrade in the next billing.

Refund policy for subscription upgrades:

  • When a customer with existing subscriptions, upgrades their current subscription whether from monthly to yearly or lower plan to a higher plan, they get charged on a pro-rate basis. That payment will not be eligible for a refund. However, if you change your mind and wish to downgrade the subscription to where it was initially, we can help you do that and we will add the extra payment as a credit to your account which will be utilized in the next payments. 

Refund policy for subscription resumption:

  • Saleshandy allows customers to pause their subscription for a 1-month or 3-month duration, as mentioned here.
  • Once a paused subscription is resumed, customer will be charged on a pro-rate basis depending upon their renewal date and plan type. 
  • We won't be able to offer any refund for charges that were made to resume your subscription. If you have mistakenly paused your subscription instead of canceling it, you can contact us to get it canceled without resuming the subscription. 

Refund policy against lost cards or fraudulent payments:

  • Saleshandy is not responsible for fraudulent payments due to lost cards, identity theft, etc. Fraudulent cases where a transaction was made and our services were used will not be refunded. Such cases will be subjected to a 1:1 review.


  • A 3rd party application manages the email verification service provided in the Saleshandy web app, and no refunds will be provided against Email Verification credits.
  • Once approved and initiated, the refund will reach you within 4-6 working days, and you will receive the refund receipt via email.
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