How do I check my email health score?

Wondering why your emails are not doing great and why they are ending up landing at the spam folder of recipients? Check your email health score from the Saleshandy dashboard.

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What is an email health score?

The email health score is a raking system that checks your sender email account and rates your email account health where 10 is the highest.

Email deliverability plays a vital role in cold emailing. After making a great product and composing a great email for your potential clients, if your emails are not getting open and being marked as suspicious then the results will always be zero. Email health score will make sure that the email account from which you will be sending cold emails is healthy enough to land directly in the inboxes and provides great deliverability. Email health score will give you necessary suggestions on how you can improve your email health score.

How does it work?

After you run the email health score check, it will provide you with the details and necessary changes you have to make to improve your email health score. If your score is 10/10 then Kudos! You have the best email account to do the cold emails and sales outreach.

Check your email health score by going to Settings > Email accounts and clicking on email account of which you want to check the email health score. This will show the reports based on SPF, DKIM, DMARC and Custom tracking domains.

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