Alternate domain name ideas for cold emailing

Setting up alternate domains and email addresses is important if you are looking forward to scaling your cold email outreaches. 

The alternate business domains will save your primary mailboxes from getting blocked by the email service provider or your primary domains getting flagged by spam filters. 

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Below are some of the alternate domain name ideas. 

Generic Extension ideas 

{{brandname}}.io →

{{brandname}}.net →

{{brandname}}.tech →

{{brandname}}.site →

{{brandname}}.shop → saleshandy.Shop

Country Specific Extensions 

If you send targeted emails to a specific geography, this will help get better open and reply rates. 

{{brandname}} →

{{brandname}}.nz →

Prefix / Suffix ideas 

try{{brandname}}.com →

{{brandname}} →

go{{brandname}}.com →

{{brandname}} →

{{brandname}} →

{{brandname}} →

my{{brandname}}.com →

the{{brandname}}.com →

new{{brandname}}.com →

{{brandname}} →

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