What is the difference in team seat and email account seat?

User seat  | Team member seat:

  • A user account is defined as a team member seat under a Saleshandy admin account, logging into which a user can send emails, email sequences, and address various activities for that Saleshandy account. There can be multiple user accounts (Team members) under one admin account. 
  • If you, as an Admin of a Saleshandy account, want to invite and allow your team members to operate Saleshandy for various purposes (Send emails/email sequences, email tracking, add templates, etc), then you may need to purchase user account seats.
  • Thereafter, you’ll be allowed to invite the acquired number of seats to your Saleshandy account. When you invite an individual to become your team member, that person will need to open the invitation email and accept the same invitation to be added as a team member under your account. The team member will be added to your admin account as soon as he accepts and verifies the email.
  • Team members can have a separate login for their individual Saleshandy accounts, and the admin can monitor their activities like email sequences, templates, etc through his admin account. 
  • You can invite the team members under your Saleshandy account by Going to the Settings >> Teams >> Add members. Refer to the screenshot below to have a better understanding.

Email account seat:

  •   An Email account seat is defined as an email account using which you can send email sequences to your recipients. You can connect multiple email addresses simultaneously within a single Saleshandy account. To do so, you may need to purchase the required number of ‘Email account’ seats and configure them using Google/office365 & SMTP method within your Saleshandy account.
  •   Using extra email account seats, you may be able to send email sequences from any of the connected email accounts despite changing the existing login to your Saleshandy account.
  •   The user can have one single login for managing all his connected accounts to send out the email sequences.
  •   You can check the connected email account seats within your Saleshandy account by going into Settings > Email Accounts as shown in the screenshot below:

If you want to check the number of user seats and email accounts added to your admin account, you can check the same by navigating to Settings>>Billing & subscription>> Subscription.

Examples of calculations for the User accounts and Email  Accounts:

NOTE: Team Member seat is basically the Team Member account under the admin account that provides the separate Saleshandy login to the Team members. The team member seats allow users to connect one “Email account” by default in their respective Saleshandy accounts, which team members can use to send out the emails.

  •  1 User Account = 1 Member Seat (It includes 1 email account seat by default)
  •  2 User Accounts = 2 Member seats (it includes 2 email account seats by default)
  •  2 User Accounts + 1 Email Account (additional) = 3 Email account seats (2 email account seats by default + 1 additional email account seat
  •  1 User Account + 2 Email Accounts (additional) = 3 Email account seats (1 email account seat by default + 2 additional email account seats)
  •   2 User Accounts + 2 Email Accounts (additional) = 4 Email account seats (2 email account seats by default + 2 additional email account seats)
  •   7 User Accounts + 5 Email Accounts (additional) = 12 Email account seats (7 email account seats by default + 5 additional email account seats)

A user has to purchase the number of email accounts and user accounts according to their usage and has to pay according to the number of seats they have in their subscription.

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