How does Saleshandy email warm-up work?

Once you enable email warm-up for any of your email accounts, the email account is added to our email warm-up pool, which includes other warm-up users' mailboxes. To improve your sender's reputation, Saleshandy automatically sends warm-up emails from your mailbox to other warm-up users. Those emails are automatically processed (opened, replied to, marked as starred) by Saleshandy. The same activity happens with other Saleshandy warm-up users, so you receive warm-up emails from other users. After you activate warm-up, you shall receive warm-up emails from the people you don't know as a part of the email warm-up process.

The network simulates realistic email exchanges and positive email engagement with other users to build your image of a trustworthy sender among ESP. Once you send emails to your actual prospects/leads,  you get better open rates because most of your emails land in the primary folder.

How to identify emails sent through Saleshandy warm-up?

Warm-up emails that are sent from Saleshandy will contain Phone_N0: {{9-digit-number}} as per the below example:

If you wish to create a filter for Saleshandy warm-up emails, you can create one using Phone_N0: text (the eighth character is zero)

Note: Warm-up emails have nothing to do with your Saleshandy sequences. The emails from warm-up don't consume your daily sending limit set for your email accounts in your saleshandy account. Saleshandy does not provide email warming services for Google accounts. 

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