What is fallback text and how does it work?

What is a fallback text?

The fallback text is used to place a fixed value to a custom field (variable) when a particular value for the custom field is missing for any prospect.


Suppose you upload a CSV file to import prospects, and the file is missing some attributes for some of the prospects (As shown below):

Using a fallback text, you can set up a default value for each custom field where the date was missing for any prospect. 

How to define fallback text for a custom field?

  • To set a fallback text, navigate to the Custom Fields tab under Settings
  • Click the edit button for the custom field that you wish to set fallback value for.
  • Enter fallback text in the given space and hit the Save button. 

NOTE: If there is missing data for a prospect for any of the custom fields and you don't set up fallback text for that custom field, the system won't add blank space or {{custom_field}} in the email content.

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