How to add & remove tags to my prospects?

You can add the tags and remove them from your prospects in two ways:

  • In the 'Prospects' tab that is available in each Sequence
  • In the 'Prospects' tab below the 'Sequences' tab in your Saleshandy account.

You need to select it and click on the 'Tags' option to tag a prospect. Once you click on the 'Tags' option, you'll get the option to add the tag or remove it from that particular prospect. Once you click on the "[+] Create new tag" option, a new tag will be created and added to that prospect. 

If the prospect is already tagged, you can click on the 'X' option to remove the tag.

You can refer to the following video to add/remove or filter the prospects according to the tags:

Also, Saleshandy allows you to tag an entire batch of prospects when you upload them via a CSV file, as shown in the following video:

You can click here to know more about tags and how to filter them in your Saleshandy account.

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