Why should I use the email verification to validate the prospects?

What is email verification & why it's important?

Email verification is a service that allows you to check the current status of any email address. When we get email addresses of our prospects/leads to outreach them, the data often consists of email addresses that may not be accepting any emails temporarily or never existed at all. Sending emails to invalid or incorrectly configured email addresses may cause bounced emails, affecting your sender reputation. Ideally, it's suggested to curb the bounce rate below 3% to maintain a good sender score, and therefore it becomes essential to use a validated list of contacts.

How does it work? 

The email verification renders a few checks that indicate the current status of an email address. These checks include domain verification, syntax check, mailbox verification. The email verification server bifurcates the processed contacts into three categories which are mentioned and explained below:

Valid (Good): These contacts have a 100% valid email address, and they're safe to send the emails to. By default, Saleshandy removes all other contacts and keeps only valid contacts in the sequence after the email verification. However, users can also include risky prospects in the sequence. Sending emails to valid contacts helps users to reduce hard bounced emails in the email campaign. 

Risky: Although some of these contacts might have a valid email address, there is a high chance of emails getting bounced to risky contacts. The reason being they marked as risky is their recent email pattern. Some of the recently sent emails must have bounced to such addresses for whatever reason, and therefore there are chances of email getting bounced again if you send to these addresses. It doesn't mean that email will be bounced for sure, but there is a high risk of bounce or low engagement. Although Saleshandy automatically excludes risky contact from the uploaded list after the verification is over, you can include risky contacts if it consists of a small portion of your mailing list.

Invalid (Bad): These contacts have an invalid email address, and therefore there is no use in sending emails to these contacts. It's strongly suggested never to send emails to invalid contacts because it causes bounced emails that eventually affect your sender reputation.

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