How to purchase Email Verification credits

How to Purchase Email Verification credits?

It is highly recommended to send emails to only verified recipients in order to maintain a high sender reputation and low bounce rates. Therefore, it is essential to check and verify mailing lists before sending out emails. To know more about the importance of Email list verification, please refer to Why should I verify my email list?

Email Verification Credits are virtual credits provided by a third party through Saleshandy and it works with an accuracy of 95% to 98%. These credits can be used to verify email lists and protect the sender’s reputation of your account.  

How to purchase Email Verification credits in your Saleshandy account:

  • Login to your Saleshandy web app and click on Settings >> Billing & Subscriptions. 
  • Click on the Email Verification Credits tab.
  • A rate card pop-up will appear.
  • Choose the preferred plan and click on Buy Now to complete the payment process.
  •  You can check the total number of Email Verification credits in the account by navigating to Settings > Billings & subscription > EV credits tab. 

Kindly note that the Email verification credits are non-refundable and we will not be able to provide a refund under any circumstances.

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