Why replies are not getting tracked?

There are a few simple reasons why your emails can be missed out on being marked as replied even after the reply is received from the contact.

  • The auto download of images is not enabled in the recipient's mailbox.

Basically, when you send an email from Saleshandy, the tracking pixels are sent along in the form of images inside your emails. When the email is received by your prospect, the pixels will be automatically downloaded in the user's end and based on that it will track the reply counts. In case, the auto download of images is set off, these pixels won't be downloaded and it will not track the replies from your recipients.

  • Email is received in a separate thread / new thread.

Whenever you send an email, an email conversation is created where you have all the conversations under one thread only. If your prospect replies to you with a completely new email then the reply won't be counted as that reply is not being received under the same thread where you sent the email.

Overall, the only reason why you did not receive the reply tracking is due to the above-mentioned reasons. In case nothing from this has happened and everything was in place then contact us at [email protected] and we will get it checked right away 😃

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