Everything about Saleshandy's New Pricing Plans

Saleshandy has introduced New Pricing Plans. The plans are more lead generation friendly and allow you to connect with unlimited email accounts to help you out with better deliverability and the sender’s reputation.

The new plans help you send bulk emails easily without breaching your ESPs and get even better results than single-box outreach.

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Features of the new plans:

  • Unlimited Email Accounts: You can connect as many email accounts to Saleshandy. 
  • Unlimited Team Members: There is no limit and additional cost on adding team members.
  • Unlimited Sequences: There is no limit on the number of sequences you can send with Saleshandy
  • Unlimited Email Warm-up: As you would connect email accounts, you would not be charged for warm-up. There is no limit to the number of email accounts you warm up.
  • Unlimited 1:1 Email Tracking:  You can use Saleshandy Connect Extension to track as many emails as you want to track and gather insights in a single mailbox.
  • Multi-Email Sequence (Coming Soon): Connect multiple emails with the same sequence for better deliverability. 
  • Multi-Variant Testing (A-Z): Add upto 26 email varients for multi variant testing of your emails.
  • Spintax (Coming Soon): Spintax spins (or changes) the syntax of email content to make it unique and personalized for every prospect.
  • Email Verification Credits: Never bounce on any email. Use free credits to verify your contact list.
  • Advanced Reports: Saleshandy’s dashboard now provides better and more detailed insights reports for all your campaigns.

New Pricing Plans or subscriptions:

Saleshandy’s new pricing plans allow you to pay for the number of prospects you want to reach. There is no limit to how many emails you can send, the email accounts you can warm up, or the number of team members you can add.

The plans are also available on the website.

Prospect Limit Monthly Email Limit Pricing/month (Annual) Pricing/month(Monthly)
2,000 10,000 $27 $34
25,000 125,000 $79 $94
50,000 250,000 $150 $179
75,000 375,000 $214 $255
150,000 750,000 $406 $484
250,000 1,250,000 $643 $766
500,000 2,500,000 $1,223 $1,455
2,000,000 10,000,000 $2299 $2999

How to subscribe?

To upgrade, please navigate to SettingsBilling & subscriptionUpgrade plan ➡ Select Plan ➡ Pay Now .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How can I email more prospects after I reach my prospect limit?

A: If you want to send more prospects than your current plan, you can upgrade or delete the existing prospects and add new ones. Data and records will be lost in that case.

Q: Can I add/invite team members while on the new pricing?

A: There is no limit or additional cost to the number of team members you can add.

Q: Are the email verification credits renewed monthly?

A: No, they are one-offs. And you can purchase them based on your requirements within the app.

Q: Do you offer customized pricing?

A: Yes, we offer custom plans.

Q: How can I switch to newly offered pricing plans?

A: New plans are displayed in the Billing & Subscription tab. If you have any queries, contact our team at live chat

Q: Does it need any credit card information to signup or try?

A: Saleshandy account comes with a Free 7-day Trial of the Outreach Plan. So go ahead and try it before you decide that you want to subscribe. Credit card information is not required to get started.

For users on legacy or old Saleshandy Plans (Starter & Outreach Plans):

Q: I am subscribed to legacy plans. Will my plans be changed?

A: No, your existing plans (legacy - Starter/Outreach) would not be affected. You can stay or upgrade your legacy plans as usual.

Q: How can I switch to New Pricing Plans?

A: If you are on legacy plans and want to switch to new plans, you can contact via live chat . We would be happy to help you.

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