How to fix SMTP/IMAP "Connection timeout" error?

While connecting your email account using the SMTP and IMAP method, if you come across the error " Connection timeout", let's see how you can fix this easily:

SMTP / IMAP Error: Connection timeout

1. Use the correct details for your email account connection.

When you are connecting your email account with SMTP and IMAP, make sure you are using the right email account, password, username and other details such as hostname and port number.

The email account can get failed to connect if there is any smallest typing error in your password or email account. Hence, make sure you copy the credentials correctly.

2. SMTP/IMAP server is down!

If all your settings are correct but still you are facing the connection issue, then there are high chances that your SMTP or IMAP server is down or not available currently for the connection. In such cases, reach out to your email service provider's support team to get the latest connection update on the SMTP/IMAP. Also, make sure that they are up-to-date, and available to connect without any issues.

3. Share the error log with your email service provider.

Once you have verified all the settings as configured properly but are still not able to connect your email account, copy the error log by clicking on "Show error log" as shared in the screenshot below, and share it with your email service provider's support team to troubleshoot this further.

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