Sequence Steps

Sequence steps allow you to make an email thread inside the particular sequence. You can choose the time when the email should be sent and follow-up steps to increase your Email reply rate.

Let us discover all the features inside the "Step" section one by one:

Add the first step

Adding the first step in any sequence is comfortably easy. You just have to click on "Add step" And there you go!

Take Follow-ups

Taking follow-ups are as easy as making your first step. Just add one more step by clicking on "Add step" in the top right corner OR by clicking the "Add step" button below Step 1. After all, it's a follow-up step that increases Email Engagement! 📈

Change Date

The day you start the sequence will be considered day 1. You can set up the thread by setting up the days after which you want to send the email from the previous step. The changes you make in date will be effective for all thread emails that are yet to be sent! If you don't change the date, the system will send emails as per standard best practices of follow-up emails.

Run A/B test

You can add the A/B test in any step just by clicking on the "A/B test" and Variant B will be created for that step.

 A/B test helps you figure out which variant works well for your prospects and performs well. When you run the A/B test, the system will randomly send the type A email to half of your prospects, and the rest will receive the type B email. 

If you upload the batch with the total count in an odd number, more prospects will get variant B than variant A in the step. For example, if you upload seven prospects, four will get variant B while three will get variant A. 

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