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Writing cold emails and getting maximum output from such outreach is now become easy with Saleshandy. Personalization of email using Pre-header and merge tags will ensure that your email lands in the Inbox folder and achieve high open rates as well as reply rates!

Subject & Pre-header

Writing a good and personalized subject line grabs the attention is works as the first point of display of your email. In the email editor, you can also use merge tags and emojis.

Pre-header is a short description of your email content and gives your recipients context about the content inside the email. 

Usually, the subject line is short and crisp while the pre-header is a sentence-long description OR summary of email content. Having a pre-header improves deliverability significantly.

In your inbox, the pre-header will look like this.

Using Template

Using the template will immensely save your time and will help you to get maximum output from your cold email outreach.

Use Merge Tags

Merge tags are the functionality we use while sending personalized emails. All the prospect fields(system and custom) appear in merge tags and allows you to map prospect info efficiently in the email editor. 

E.g., if You want to send all cold emails with personal salutations, now all these emails will be sent to the recipient on a 1:1 basis so it is not possible to manually add everyone's name to email content. Instead, we can use the {{First name}} merge tag and when the system sends the message, it will automatically map the prospect's first name at the place of the merge tag and everyone will receive an email with a personal salutation!! 

Add Images & Links

You can add images and links to email content. Link tracking works quite efficiently with Saleshandy link click tracking. You can always copy-paste your link and image. You also can rescale and crop it once it is uploaded. 

You should not exceed the text-to-image ratio of 60:40. SpamAssassin recommends a minimum of 60% text and a maximum of 40% image coverage, with at least 400 characters of text.

Send Test Emails

You can preview your email by sending a test mail to any of your personal emails and then you can see what your subject, pre-header and merge tag in your inbox.

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