Pause Subscription

While users can cancel their SalesHandy subscription at any time to stop the renewal of the subscription, we suggest you rather pause your subscription if you plan to use SalesHandy again in the future. 

Why pausing a subscription is better than cancelling it? 

When you cancel your subscription, and your account gets moved to the free plan, the data access is restricted. You won't be able to see any data on your previous usage in your account. If you plan to re-subscribe to the paid subscription again, you are asked to enter the payment details to complete the upgrade again. 

When you pause your SalesHandy subscription, you can access all of your SalesHandy data while your subscription is paused, whether it's sequence, prospects or reports. You can pause your subscription for any duration between 1 month and 6 months. As soon as you pause your subscription, your account is moved to the paused status immediately, and it gets auto-resumed after the pause duration is over. Alternatively, you can also resume the subscription manually whenever you wish to resume it.

How to pause your SalesHandy subscription?
  • Log into your SalesHandy account and navigate to the Billing & Subscription tab.
  • Click the Cancel Subscription button & system will give you an option to pause your subscription.
  • Choose the pause duration and confirm the action.
  • That's it. Your subscription is paused for the selected duration.
Who should all consider pausing the subscription rather than cancelling it? 
  • Suppose you're on a monthly subscription. You don't need SalesHandy for now but may need it after a month or 3-4 months. It would help if you considered this option. 
  • Suppose you're on a yearly subscription. You have already paid for the subscription for an entire year, but you don't need SalesHandy for a few months. It would be best if you considered pausing it because the system will add the credits to your account as per the paused duration, and the credits are adjusted when your yearly subscription renews, so you're not charged for the whole year. 


  • Please note that your subscription will be resumed automatically as soon as the pause duration is over. You're charged on a pro-rate basis when the subscription resumes. Also, the system will add some credits to your SalesHandy account, which gets adjusted in the next renewal. The credit amount is determined as per the date you pause the subscription along with your subscription renewal date. 
  • If you don't plan to use SalesHandy in the future, we'd suggest you cancel the subscription rather than pause it.
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