Unable to connect email account with SMTP and IMAP

When you are connecting the email account using the SMTP and IMAP configuration, there are a few things which need to be checked in case the connection does not work fine.


In case, you are setting up your email account for the first time and facing issues, then please check this article:

How to connect email account with SMTP / IMAP?

Once your email account is connected and working fine, there are chances that your email account can get disconnected randomly. To resolve this type of issue, follow these steps to have a smooth connection between your email account and Saleshandy:

Re-generating the security token for your email account:

  • Security token plays a vital role in connecting your email account with Saleshandy or any third-party tool using your email account. This security token is an auto-generated token which is shared between your email service provider and Saleshandy. The connection can be established only if this security token matches at both ends. There are chances that this token can get expired or outdated and as result, disconnects your email account. To solve this, you can just delete your email account from Saleshandy and reconnect it to generate the new token.

2-factor authentication is enabled in email account settings:

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  • If you are having multifactor authentication enabled, you will be using the app password rather than the regular email password in your settings. Just simply remove the old app password from your email account settings and create a new one. The app password never expires but sometimes email service providers do not authenticate with the app passwords being used for a long time.

Accurate and verified details of SMTP and IMAP server provider by your email service provider:

  • Make sure you are entering the correct configuration details like hostname, port number and encryption type. These settings need to be the same as provided by your email service provider to connect your email account with the SMTP and IMAP integration.

SMTP and IMAP are allowed/enabled for your email account:

  • There are many ESPs who disable the SMTP and IMAP configuration for the email accounts by default. Hence, make sure the settings are enabled and allowed from your email service provider.

Just verifying these few things will resolve your connection issues ❤️

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