How do I connect my email account through SMTP / IMAP with Saleshandy?

You might wonder how I can connect my email account with Saleshandy with SMTP and IMAP method 🧐

It’s simple 😃 follow the steps mentioned below to connect your email account using SMTP / IMAP configuration.

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard protocol for email services on a TCP/IP network. SMTP provides the ability to send messages.
  • Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is the standard protocol for email services on a TCP/IP network to receive emails and store the messages in the mail server.
NOTE: If you don't know your email service provider, refer to the article for verifying your ESP from here and come back :)

STEP - 1: Go to Saleshandy dashboard, 

Click on Settings >> Email accounts >> Add email account

STEP - 2: After you reach the configuration page, select the email service provider from the drop-down list. Not to worry, if you don’t find your ESP (Email Service Provider) in the drop-down list, scroll down to STEP - 4 and come back here :)

STEP - 3: All the details will be displayed automatically. Just enter your email address and the email password in SMTP and IMAP details.

Once done, click on “Test” to verify the connection. If the light turns green 🟢, you are good to go. Click on “Connect & Save”

In case the light turns red 🔴, please check a few things and try again:

  • Suppose you have 2fa (Two-factor authentication) enabled on your email account. In that case, you have to create an app password in your email account settings, copy the app password you receive and paste it into the “Passwords” tab on Saleshandy SMTP / IMAP settings page.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct email ID and password.
  • Check if IMAP and SMTP are allowed/enabled from your email account security settings.

Once you have checked everything, click on the test again, and it will be green again :)

STEP - 4: Select “Other” in the drop-down list if you do not find your email service provider and follow the instructions mentioned here:

Contact your email service provider to provide the SMTP and IMAP configuration details for your you can search on google search “SMTP and IMAP details of <your ESP>” to get those details.

Once you get it, enter the details of SMTP and IMAP in the respective fields in the Saleshandy dashboard. Once done, scroll up to STEP - 3 mentioned above to verify the details :)

Still, facing issues in connecting your email account? Checkout our article on Unable to connect email account with SMTP/IMAP

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