What is 2FA and how to generate app password?

What is two-factor authentication (TFA)?

When you log in to your mailbox, you might be getting one code in your registered mobile number or the secondary email ID you use to log in successfully to the mailbox. This process of secondary authentication is called two-factor authentication or TFA(2fa).

Basically, TFA adds an extra layer of security to your email account as only a password is not enough to protect your email ID. TFA works as a guard to protect your email account credentials from getting compromised or having unwanted access to your email account.

When the two-factor authentication is enabled for your email accounts, you must generate an app-specific password from your email account settings to connect it with the Saleshandy application using SMTP / IMAP integration.

How to generate the app-specific password?

To know how you can generate the app-specific password, please click on your ESP (Email service provider) from the below list and follow the steps mentioned there:

  1. Gmail | Gsuite
  2. Microsoft | O365 | Outlook | Hotmail
  3. Zoho
  4. Yahoo
  5. Godaddy
  6. Yandex

If you don't find your email service provider in the list above, you can contact your IT person or the email account support team to help set up your app-specific password.

  • Make sure you copy the app password when generated because the password is visible only once.
  • In case your ESP does not support app-specific passwords, then you can disable the two-factor authentication for your email account and use the regular email account password to sign in at Saleshandy.
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