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What are merge tags, and why are they important?

Merge tags, also known as custom fields and placeholders, help you send personalised emails rather than emails with generic values like โ€˜Hello thereโ€™ or โ€˜Hi dear.โ€™ They represent contact data that your CSV file contains for each prospect, like First name, last name, etc.

When you use merge tags in your email sequences, each contact will receive a personalized email. Personalised emails with dynamic variables like First name, Last name, company, etc. populated for each recipient have a higher response rate of up to 26%.

How to use merge tags in sequences?

To insert Merge tags, navigate to the Sequence > Steps > Create Step >Insert merge tag. 

Merge tags can be used in subject lines as well as email content through the dropdown list as shared below:

Hereโ€™s a glimpse at how a personalised email looks:

If your CSV file has missing values for merge tags in certain prospects, you can use the fallback text to adjust it automatically. 
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