How to handle same prospect in multiple sequences?

Saleshandy allows you to choose whether you want to add the same prospect in multiple sequences or not.

If you often upload the wrong CSV of prospects or include prospects you have already contacted in other sequences, then Saleshandy can help you avoid such situations.

What you have to do:

1. Go to Admin settings in the Settings tab.

2. By clicking that, you will come across two options:

  • Allow verifying prospects while importing.
  • Allow adding one prospect in multiple sequences.

3. Toggle OFF the second option -  “Allow to add one prospect in multiple sequences.” (By default, this option will be turned ON.)

4. Now save the settings, Saleshandy will not allow you or your team members to import any prospect(s) that are already present in another sequence anymore.

5. If you want your prospects to exist simultaneously in more than one sequence, then you need to toggle this option ON.

Note: This change will be applicable for all future imports and not to all those prospects which are already in multiple sequences.
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