Getting started with agency partner portal

Saleshandy agency portal is the go-to solution for all those teams and agencies who want to manage their clients and team members efficiently from one place. Now gone are those days when you have to maintain an excel sheet where all the credentials for clients are given and all the information is listed of your team members. 

Saleshandy agency partner portal will act as a single source of truth, allowing you to focus on your business while your lead generation is on auto-pilot mode.

Watch this video for more info:

Some of the key features of the Saleshandy agency partner portal:

  • One master dashboard through which you can manage your clients and team.
  • One-click login to any client's account.
  • All the clients are listed in one place with the info of who all are managing your client from your team.
  • Manage and delegate workload with your team with advanced team management with the roles like admins, team leads and users.
  • Freeze any client's account at any time and refrain from logging in your team members.
  • "View-only"(No-edits allowed) mode for your clients so that you get full control over your strategies and content.

You will be given the credentials of the owner's account. Now,

  1. Invite your first team member
  2. Add your first client
  3. give admin access to your team member
  4. let him add more team members
  5. List down all your client in the dashboard
  6. give different roles to your members(such as user, admin & team lead)
  7. See their dashboard as well and check whether they have optimal permission or not
  8. Login to your client's account with one click.
  9. Bingo! 🥳

With the Saleshandy agency partner portal, you can reach the place where you always wanted to be.

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