Roles and permissions for agency portal

Agency Owner One who signs up for the agency portal.
One who owns the agency.
Agency Admin One who has the administrative powers of agency management.
Agency User One who has been granted permission to log into the client's account.
Agency Team lead One who has been granted special admin level permission for specific clients.
Agency Client One who is the client of the agency. (OR a representative who is the first point of contact for a client)

What is the ownership of all the roles?

Agency user :

Agency users can perform normal Saleshandy operations but cannot edit or disable any client OR any other user. Agency users can log in to those clients for which he has been given permission.

Agency users cannot see the “team” section in the dashboard and web app.

Agency Admin :

Agency admin can log in to any client’s account. Agency admin can invite other users, assign any user to any client, disable any client, and disable any user. Agency Admin can make some admin OR team lead.

Agency Team lead :

The agency team lead can log in to only those clients for which he has been given permission. For those clients where he is appointed as a team leader, he can assign all those clients to other team members. The agency team lead cannot make someone team lead.

Please review this file for more info.

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