How to manage users in agency portal?

How to invite members to the agency portal?

Agency Owner and Agency Admin can invite members to the agency portal. 

  • Click on “invite members” and a pop-up will be opened. 
  • In this pop-up, write that person's name and associated email. 

Now an invite will be sent to the person, and through the link, the user can land on the “set a new password” page and login through it. 

Best practices :

Avoid using the user's personal email account to invite and work on the agency portal as an agency. Make a separate Email account for only log-in purposes so that security can be ensured.

Going forward, that Email and set password can be used in Login.

How to remove members from the agency portal?

The agency Owner and agency admin can delete any member and upon deleting, they will be removed from the list and can log in only after another invite. 

What happens when a member is inactive?

When a member is in inactive mode, that particular member cannot log in to the partner portal.

How to assign clients to users?

When you click on any user’s name OR “assign” icon, a new pop-up will be opened. In this pop-up, all the names of clients will be displayed.

  • Against each client, you just need to toggle ON to give them access to login into a particular client’s account. 
  • For each client, you can assign a particular user role. 
  • If you want to give admin access, you can just toggle ON the “admin access”.
  • If you want to revoke access, you can just toggle OFF the client’s account in the pop-up.
  • Upon saving the change, a message will be shown that “Clients have been assigned successfully.”
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