How to connect alias email account?

Saleshandy allows users to use an alias email account in email tracking and email sequences. Please follow the below instructions to use an alias email with Saleshandy.

Using an alias email account to send email sequences:

To send email sequences from an alias email account, you first need to connect the alias email account with Saleshandy. An alias email account can be connected through the SMTP method, as shown below.

  • Log into your Saleshandy account and navigate to the Email accounts tab under Settings.
  • Click Add Account button top right, choose the "SMTP/IMAP" option in the pop-up & hit the Continue button.
  • Now, you need to configure settings for both SMTP and IMAP.

Under SMTP Details

  • You will be asked to enter the details of the email address that you wish to connect to.
  • First, enable the toggle button on the top and check if it turns “Green” as shown below:
  • Under the “Username”, enter your original email account address, where your alias email is configured.

  • In the “Email address” head, enter the “Alias email account” that you wish to add.

  • In the “Password” column, please enter your email account password, where your alias email account is configured.

    Under IMAP Details
  • In the “Email address” head, enter your “original email account”.
  • In the “Password” column, please enter your original email account password
  • Once you're done entering all the details, click the Connect & Save button to save it.
  • That's it. Your alias email is connected, and you can start sending email campaigns using it. 
NOTE: You may get an SMTP error while connecting your alias email through the SMTP method due to the below-mentioned reasons:

1.     The SMTP settings are incorrect.
2.     The password entered is incorrect.
3.     The email account has  2-factor authentication enabled (SMTP connection doesn't work if the email account has an additional layer of authentication). 

If the issue persists, we suggest creating an app password for this email account and using that password while connecting it through SMTP. 
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