Getting started with Saleshandy 3

Pro tip ✨: Learn more about Cold emailing from our master class by clicking here

All the new users are requested to have a basic setup to get started with Saleshandy 3.0

We recommend you watch the product demo

Below is the introductory checklist to complete before you can start using Saleshandy.

1. Connect Email Account: This is the first step of your account setup. You can navigate to the Email Accounts tab under Settings and connect your email account as mentioned here. Please note that we support Microsoft and Gmail accounts now, so you won't be able to connect an email account other than a Gmail or a Microsoft email.

2. Setting up the Schedules: The schedule is a sending window for your emails, so the system sends the emails during the time frame you define in your schedules. You can exclude any day of the week if you don't want Saleshandy to send emails to your protests during that day. Please click here to learn more about schedules and how to create them.

3. Creating Custom Fields: Custom Fields are variables that allow users to send customized emails to their prospects. You need to create custom fields and map them with columns of your CSV file while importing the prospects. You can click here to learn how you can create custom fields effectively.  

4. Using Templates: Templates are pre-defined email content that can be saved. You can re-use the template over & over to save your time and effort. Saleshandy also tracks the performance of the template usage, so you get to know how your templates are performing. Click here to learn more about it.

5. Setting up the Custom Tracking Domain: This feature allows you to replace our generic tracking domain with your domain, and hence it helps you improve your email deliverability significantly. Please note that it's applicable only if you're using a business email account with a domain attached and not a free email account. You need access to your domain's DNS manager to set it up. Please click here to know the steps, and you can schedule a call with us by clicking here if you need any help setting up the custom tracking domain. 

Are you done with the above checklist? Let's create a new sequence quickly.

Checkout our masterclass on the technical setup you need to make before we start the outreach from here

The sequence is a chain of tasks that can be performed automatically, and currently, we allow users to send emails through these sequences. You can create up to 50 steps in a single sequence, and each step can have two variants of emails. Click here to learn how to create a sequence like a pro.

Want to find leads/prospects from LinkedIn and CRMs and outreach from Saleshandy sequences? Install our email finder chrome extension by clicking here.

If you wish to get a live product demo by our product specialist, please schedule a demo with us by clicking here. If you need any help with the setup, please feel free to schedule a call with our onboarding specialist by clicking here.

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