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In cold emailing, your email account can get blocked by your email servers as identifying your account, making bot activity or sending emails in a short time gap. Saleshandy will send these emails with a time gap of 60 - 190 seconds between emails sent from the sequences to get better email deliverability for your outreach.

After you go through this article, read Sending pattern of Saleshandy. This will help you to get through the brief idea of how Saleshandy manages to send emails when there are multiple email accounts and multiple sequences.

Sending emails from the sequence:

There is definitely no cap on sending emails from Saleshandy, but few things we have to make sure of before we jump on the exact numbers 📝

Emails from Saleshandy are sent from sequences which send emails based on the schedule you define for that sequence.

Sequence schedule

To keep the email sending humanly and not marking your email account as suspended under your email servers due to frequently sending the emails or doing any bot activity, we keep a random gap of 60 - 190 seconds between each email sent from Saleshandy sequences. Hence, with this gap, you can send approximately 30 emails in one hour from one email account in Saleshandy. However, you can edit this time interval as per your need by just following this article: Time interval between two emails

On Monday, I am sending emails for 9 hours a day (09:00 - 18:00). Hence, I will be sending 260 emails in one day ✨

Know your default daily sending limit:

Does your email service provider allow you to send 30 emails in one hour or 260 emails in one day?

Every email account has a defined sending limit for each day and sometimes per hour as well. Your email service providers set this limit.

At Saleshandy, we call it a hard limit. The limit which your email service providers assign. Here is some basic brief on free email accounts and business domain/custom domain email accounts of Google and Microsoft.

ESP Hard Limit
Gmail | Free Gmail account
([email protected])
200 emails/day
Gsuite | Google workspace
1000 emails/day
Microsoft | Free Microsoft account
([email protected], [email protected])
200 emails/day
O365 | Paid Microsoft account 2000 emails/day
This hard limit is an approximate number. To know the exact numbers of your email account, we recommend you contact your email service providers for the same.

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